HaRav Shaul Reichenberg

HaRav Reichenberg has served as the Rav HaPosek of Kinyan Eretz Yisrael since it was established in the year 5766.  He has served as the Rav who supervises all the activities pertaining to the organization in order to assure that the members fulfill the Mitzvot in the best way.

HaRav Reichenberg was born in the year 5010 in the agricultural moshav Yesodot.  This moshav town was established by orthodox religious families who were all involved in agriculture.  During the early morning hours and the evening, the men were involved in Torah study in the Bet Midrash.

This farm was administered according to strict Halacha, according to the teachings of the Hazon Ish, who was their guide in all the complex questions which arose in all the aspects of the growth of the fields, e.g. questions pertaining to the laws of Shemittah, Kilayim (prohibited combinations of vegetation,) Orlah (prohibited use of trees and fruit during the first three years,) Terumot and Maasrot (tithes) etc.

When Rav Reichenberg was thirteen years old he went to study in Yeshiva Kol Torah in Jerusalem.  When he completed his learning there he transferred to Yeshivat Ponevich, where he excelled as one of the finest students in the yeshiva, until his marriage.  After he married, he studied for about four more years in the Kollel of the Yad Binyamin moshav, near the Yesodot moshav.

Afterward, he moved to Jerusalem where for the last 40 years he has served as the Posek in the Bet Midrash for Halacha of HaRav Yosef Efrati, shlita.  There, any difficult questions of halacha pertaining to agriculture which arise are dealt with by Rav Reichenberg, who responds to direct inquiries via a dedicated phone line in the Bet Midrash.

In a similar fashion during these years, Rav Reichenberg planned and established “Keren HaMaasrot” in order to provide Halachic solutions to tens of thousands of Keren members to assist them in separating Terumot and Maasrot in the best fashion, especially pertaining to “Maaser Sheni” which applies to the first, second, fourth and fifth years of the Shemittah.

HaRav Reichenberg is the author of numerous books under the title of "Mishpetei Eretz" re: laws pertaining to the land of Israel which were published by the Bet Midrash for Halacha for agriculture.  In addition, he has written commentaries on the Mishnayot of the Talmud of tractates Challa, Orlah and Bikurim, and has written many articles in an anthology called “Halichot Sadeh.”

Harav Reichenberg serves as an esteemed member of the Vaad Harabanim pertaining to Tzedakah through the kupah of Ramat Shlomo.