Fill in the information below in order to make your secure kinyan of a plot of Land

own  dalet amos

of land with Grapes/Weat 

in accordance

with Halacha

and the Laws of

the State of Israel.

Why acquire from Kinyan Eretz Yisrael?

“From here we learn that whoever purchases four amos in Eretz Yisroel is guaranteed a portion in the World to Come” (Midrash Zuta, Koheles 7)

Acquiring Land from Kinyan Eretz Yisrael is fast, secure and easy! Not to mention we offer the possibility of performing ALL Mitzvos available to each plot in the best possible way and hiddur.

When you acquire your plot of Land, you are actively contributing to the resettling of the Land of Yisrael and hastening the redemption of our People.

You are also invited to perform these Mitzvos yourself during the time of harvest. This is a unique opportunity for our children to study them in the field and foster love for them.